Coventry Technology

Manufacturing wheels for such high-performance vehicles as Jaguars leaves zero room for compromise. That’s why, over the years, we have perfected technology after technology that make Coventry wheels the preferred upgrade for any passionate Jaguar owner.

First and foremost, we are dedicated students of all things Jaguar. We have a deep and abiding knowledge of the nuances of Jaguar engineering, so that precise wheel offsets, rear cavities sized to accommodate oversized Jaguar brakes and aggressive suspension components, hub-centric center bores that hug your Jaguar without centering rings, and many similar requirements, are just second nature to us.

Coventry Jaguar Wheels are manufactured in perhaps the most advanced wheel manufacturing facilities on the planet. Our manufacturing technologies are manifold, and enable us to produce wheels that are on the cutting edge of both design and performance. Rotary Forging™, for example, is an unorthodox approach we have pioneered to simultaneously increase wheel strength dramatically while also reducing rotational mass. Our two-piece wheel approach enables us achieve complex design elements in the hub and spoke array and then fusion weld that array to a light weight forged barrel. And our cast wheels are comprised of a proprietary and metalurgically exotic aluminum amalgam. You see, we take this pretty seriously.