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Coventry Wheels - Designed exclusively to fit Jaguar Motor Cars

Coventry Wheels was created with the sole purpose of making bespoke aftermarket Jaguar wheels. Jaguar cars require a very specific wheel and Coventry has mastered the art of the Jaguar wheel. All our wheels are created to be hub centric on Jaguar cars and are engineered to fit perfectly on your Jaguar. Coventry Wheels work with the original Jaguar bolts and caps and are designed with the perfect offset for you Jaguar car. The wheels are made to extremely strict quality standards to ensure a luxurious ride for you and your Jaguar.

Custom Jaguar F-Type Wheels

Jaguar F-Type Wheels Welcome, F-Type, both coupe and drop top. Jaguar’s true sports car bona fides, established with the breathtaking E-Type back in 1961, are reprised over 50 years later with the F-Type two seater. Its athletic stance and oversized grill convey a sense of speed even at rest. Under acceleration, electronic bypass valves create a feral growl evocative of its rainforest predator namesake. Coventry has engineered custom Jaguar F-Type wheels to perfectly match the Jaguar F-Type in fit, panache and performance.

Custom Jaguar X-Type Wheels

Jaguar X-Type Wheels The unmistakable styling that makes a statement in the driveway and on the road. X-Type owners appreciate Jaguarīs ability to meld motoring performance and detailed craftsmanship unlike any other. The X-TYPE is a thrilling driving experience that will move your spirit. Coventry's custom Jaguar X-Type Wheels are perfect for performance and style.

Custom Jaguar S-Type Wheels

Jaguar X-Type Wheels With unique shape and lines that instantly announce Jaguar, the S-TYPE makes an impression. From mesh grille to hand-selected Burl Walnut or Satin Mahogany trim, it nods to famed designs, yet, vividly restyled, it delivers powerful new performance and edge. Combining substance and style, inside and out. Truly, an artful car. Coventry's custom Jaguar S-Type Wheels are perfect for performance and style.

Custom Jaguar XF Wheels

Jaguar XF Wheels With its bold new face that looks to the future, the XF is the first sporting sedan that delivers Jaguarīs stunning new design. The latest in a long line of beautiful, fast cars, the styling of the XF is modern, underpinned by Jaguarīs driver focused engineering and renowned design and craftsmanship. With a profile that is both athletic and assertive, this is a sports car and a luxury sedan. Coventry's custom Jaguar XF Wheels perfectly complement performance and style.

Custom Jaguar XK Wheels

Jaguar XK Wheels The breathtaking XK and XKR are shouldered and powerful as always. But sleeker now with aluminum bodyshell drawn taut across the chassis, these dramatic sports machines are purposefully trimmed and tuned for heart-pounding performance. Exhaust song, power, control and comfort await notice with bold assurance. Inside or out, coupe or convertible, thereīs not an ounce of excess. But there is anticipation...because on the road, the XK commands. Coventry's custom Jaguar XK Wheels are perfect for performance and style.

Custom Jaguar XJ Wheels

Jaguar XJ Wheels Beautiful and fast like all Jaguars, with powerful engines, the XJ is peerless. Because of the carīs aluminum bodyshell and reduced weight, compared to prior steel body, a rich complement of equipment is incorporated without sacrificing performance or strength. And interior space, especially in long wheelbase models, is generous, satisfying owners who desire ample legroom in both the front and the rear. XJ. Agile, tasteful, impeccably mannered. Coventry's custom Jaguar XJ Wheels are perfect for performance and style.

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